Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we're asked.

What is energy procurement?

Energy procurement is the process of sourcing your business electricity and gas supplies. We are experts in this process due to our deep knowledge and understanding of the energy market, thus enabling us to make smart choices on when and where to buy your energy.

How do you get paid for your energy procurement services?

At Utility Swap, our earnings are accumulated through a commission based model. The commission level we charge will be agreed between the client and ourselves and we will clearly outline what additional services are included as part of our fee. The energy supplier will then pay us our commission which is based on a p/kWh basis. We feel this is more transparent and cost-effective approach rather than working under a fixed fee model.

What is a Letter of Authority?

In order for us to negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, we would require a signed letter of authority (LOA). Our LOA allows Utility Swap to correspond with energy suppliers regarding your energy affairs on your behalf, in order to find you the best energy solution, but does not allow Utility Swap to enter in to any contractual arrangements with any energy suppliers.

Why should I use Utility Swap?

Our expertise in the energy sector means we can observe fluctuations in the market and therefore know when and where to best source the cheapest energy tariffs. We are an independent energy consultancy which means we are not affiliated to any particular supplier. We make an impartial market wide search of both the larger and smaller energy suppliers therefore putting us in the best position to source you the perfect tariff. Our service does not solely consist of us sourcing you prices; we deal with all the administrative matters leaving you free to just sign on the dotted line. We also take care of any queries you have in relation to your energy usage and expenditure, along with any issues you have with the supplier.

I’m under contract but can I renew anyway?

You cannot leave business energy contracts before the end of the fixed term period without substantial penalties. However, we can make arrangements well in advance for when your contract runs out. The renewed contract will go live the day after the initial contracted period expires. It is often beneficial to renew in advance of your contract end date in order to obtain the best prices and to ensure you don’t roll over on to expensive out of contract rates.

When do I need to terminate my contract?

If you are a client of Utility Swap we ensure that notice is served on your contract within the necessary period allowing a smooth transfer of supply. We will NEVER terminate your contract, unless you have authorised us to do so or you have renewed your contract with a different supplier using our service.

What do you need to start the process?

To determine to what extent we can reduce your energy expenditure, all we need to see is a recent electricity/gas bill. We will then present a quote and proposal to you and if you are happy then we would need a signed letter of authority so that we can negotiate with suppliers on your behalf and take care of the changeover process.

Why do you get more competitive rates than if I went straight to the supplier?

As a trusted energy consultancy we obtain preferential rates that aren’t available to the general public. Our close working relationships with a wide range of energy suppliers means we can negotiate on your behalf and can obtain reduced bespoke prices.

I've just received a renewal letter, what should I do ?

A renewal letter means you have entered the period that we can negotiate rates on your behalf and change supplier for the period beginning on the contract end date. The prices which your current supplier will offer you are often not indicative of the current state of the market, which at the moment is very competitive. Not acting swiftly could result in you being locked in to another long term contract or being placed on out of contract rates. Call Utility Swap upon receiving a renewal letter and let us conduct these administrative affairs on your behalf resulting in cheaper energy expenditure and more time to concentrate on the areas of your business which require your attention.