We provide a range of services to reduce your utility expenditure.

1. Analysis

We conduct a detailed analysis of your current utility contracts.

2. Search

Our team negotiates with a wide range of suppliers to find the most cost-effective solution for your business.

3. Swap

Your swap advisor will present to you a range of recommended tariffs whilst offering guidance, allowing you to make an informed decision on which tariff you wish to choose.

Energy Procurement

Attending to your business energy contracts is time consuming and often confusing. Our core area of expertise is energy procurement so you can rest assured that your contracts are being managed by experts.

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Energy & Water Audit

An energy audit allows you to understand exactly how you consume your energy. Our experienced energy auditors will give you this understanding and use this knowledge to identify…

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New Connections

We know that organising new utility connections for your business can be a complex and expensive process. Utility Swap provides gas and electricity siteworks to connect your business to the grid.

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Other Services

All businesses will have arrangements in place to dispose of their various waste streams. The specific nature and size of a business will determine what waste streams are necessary…

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Water Procurement

From April 2017, the retail water market is opening in England. When the market opens, businesses will be able to choose their water and wastewater supplier like they can for other utilities…

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Invoice Validation

Energy supply invoices are frequently incorrect with research showing that on average 3% of all utility expenditure has been invoiced with inaccurate figures…

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Metering Services

By law, all half-hourly electricity meters must have a Meter Operator Agreement (MOP contract) in place. Your meter operator is responsible for the installation and ongoing maintenance of your meter as well as…

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