The PAX S900

Can your business take card payments if your internet goes down?

If you’re anything like me, I rarely carry around cash anymore. Why? Because everyone takes card payments these days.

So much so that more and more hospitality companies aren’t even taking cash payments anymore. More companies are taking card payments only because this solves a lot of problems associated with cash handling. Benefits of taking card payments include reduced security risk as there’s no cash left on site, the cost of depositing the cash at the bank as well as theft of cash by employees.   


A looming risk to hospitality businesses

Whilst these are excellent benefits, most card payment terminals run on phone line or broadband. If your internet went down, this means that you are unable to take card payments. If this happened, what impact would this have on your income for a day, 2 days or a week whilst the broadband connection is restored?

Being at the mercy of your internet service provider is a very real threat to a company’s income through taking card payments. It could be that, without warning, your business internet goes down and your team are immediately unable to take card payments.


Peace of mind with PAX S900

It’s absolutely worth taking steps to secure against this short term risk to your business. A great way that you can ensure that this problem never happens again is using a terminal like the PAX S900.

The PAX S900 will be always able to take card payments because if your internet goes down, it automatically switches to a mobile network (GPRS) to process transactions. This means you can be sure even if your internet goes down you can still take card payments.

This allows you to focus on giving a great service to your customers knowing that your team will always be able to process payment for a job well done. The fact that the PAX S900 takes card payments via GPRS means that you can take remote card payments too. For hospitality sites with an outdoor space, this also means you can have a bar in your garden and take card payments there too.


Would you like to know more?

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