Utility Swap are members of UIA

Utility Swap are now UIA members


We’re happy to say that Utility Swap is now proud a member of the Utility Intermediaries Association (UIA). The energy market is going through huge changes and clients are looking for companies that they can trust to make the right decisions. For us, becoming a UIA member was a natural step to further show our commitment to helping business thrive.


Who are the UIA?


The UIA is an organisation dedicated to uphold and improve the standard, status and credibility of energy consultants. The UIA began at an EnergyWatch seminar. A group of consultants were concerned that their profession was being viewed in a less than complimentary light.


This was because of the horror stories voiced by their clients about the conduct of other energy consultants in the industry. Lying about pricing, harassing marketing methods and other underhanded tactics to win business left clients with a bad taste in their mouth about consultants in general.


The UIA is was created to hold energy consultants to a high standard and to improve the image of the industry. Full membership is only possible for consultants that agree to adhere to strict principles and codes of practice.


The main focus for UIA members is to put the client at the heart of what you do, acting with;


  • Integrity – Always acting in the best interests of the client
  • Openness & Clarity – Providing clear options that are easy to understand so that the client can make the best choice for them
  • Truthfulness – Giving honest, straightforward advice so that clients are well informed of options available to them


What this means for us as a UIA member

As we are proud members of the UIA, we now have yet another reason to treat our clients in an ethical way and hold ourselves accountable to strict standards.


Utility Swap was created so that we can help local businesses thrive. We like to think of ourselves as our client’s procurement department, but without the salary. Utility Swap exists to help increase our client’s profit margins by reducing their overheads.


UIA member


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