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Welcome to Utility Swap, a new independent cost management consultancy based in Bristol. We’re here to take the pain out of utility procurement, saving you money, hassle, and time.

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Don’t pay over the odds

Did you know small businesses overpay by £500m every year on electricity and gas?

At Utility Swap, We have a deep understanding of the energy and water market and work closely with a wide range of suppliers allowing us to negotiate on your behalf. And it’s not just utilities, we can also offer competitive rates for other fixed costs including merchant services, telecoms and waste management.

It’s been a really exciting year for us. Since launching in February 2016, we are pleased to have helped procure services for Cannon Care Homes, The Cowshed and The Clifton Lido to name a few. Going into 2017, make saving money your new year’s resolution.

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