Utility Swap saves for Gloucester Road

Utility Swap are pleased to have been chosen as the Gloucester Road BID  cost management partner.

Working closely with the 250 businesses within the area, our strategy will provide impressive cost savings for the local members.  

“After comparing quotes applied to specific business profiles, we have settled with ‘Utility Swap’ a local, competitive company who have been proactive and able to meet our needs.” 

Shelley Swift, Chairman of Gloucester Road BID, speaking on the announcement. 

After carefully reviewing the business demands, we secured preferential rates for vital services including electricity, gas, water, telecoms, merchant services and waste management. Not only that, we take on all administrative tasks, tendering, negotiation and paperwork while ensuring a renewal date is never missed.

Collective Savings
A Business Improvement District (BID) is an area in which local businesses pay an additional levy on top of their business rates. Working as a collective BID areas improve the trading environment for members by making the local area more attractive for shoppers. BID members can also benefit from substantial cost savings by purchasing utilities as a collective, or through a ‘basket’.

Are you a BID District body looking to add value by providing tangible cost savings to your members? Find out how Utility Swap can help you. We offer solutions to fit your specific needs, and handle all aspects of negotiation, procurement and contract management for various cost areas.

Call 0117 942 2834 or email info@utility-swap.co.uk for a no obligation proposal